Life gets too messy to be stressed about it! Protect all your high-traffic areas with FloorFlats so you can enjoy living in your home because you know spills and messes can just be wiped away. Spill, Wipe, Repeat.

February 28, 2022

Spill Zone 1

The kitchen is where everything happens; catching up, family time, and meals. It's also the place where the most messes are made! FloorFlats help protect your floors from all the craziness life brings, and it is so easy to clean! Just wipe away any spills, and you can be on your way. No need to disrupt your day by adding another item to your dirty laundry pile.


Spill Zone 2

Enjoy the quiet moments, family dinners and even the drama without worrying about the mess you leave behind. Know your tables are protected from all that life throws at it with TableFlats!

Laundry, Hall, & Bathroom

Spill Zone 3

High traffic usually means high stress - unless you have a FloorFlat from Carolina Creekhouse! Spills, dirt and day-to-day gross are easy to clean; just wipe it away and enjoy your day.