Have you been wanting to remake your desk to be more functional or organized? We feel the same way. Whether you are back in the office or still working from home, a functional and organized desk is vital for a productive day. 

          Let’s start with our 3 simple rules to have a great desk:

  1. Determine a color scheme. I know your first thought was probably, why? But developing a common color or feeling can help eliminate distractions. If there is a lot going on, the ability to focus on your tasks becomes even more difficult. If you struggle to find colors that go well, or you want to step away from your traditional colors, try coolors.co
  2. Define spaces on the desk. Now this tip might seem like an obvious way to organize but figuring out the most effective way to define spaces can be so difficult. We like to clear everything from the desk and us masking tape to outline spaces on the desk where larger items will be placed. Nothing must be set in stone, but it is so much easier to measure out all the spaces while for containers and storage units. 
  3. Use Drawer space well. Drawers can turn into a junk drawer in the blink of an eye, especially if you want your desk to be clear of everything but the essentials. Just keep your everyday essentials, and put any duplicates in a box out of the way. The key is to make sure you only interact with what you absolutely need every day to limit becoming overwhelmed by too many items and distractions from your task on hand.

Now that we have gone over the basic principles we suggest for a beautiful desk, let’s get to the fun part of finding amazing products to elevate your desk. We have found our Top 5 places to create a stylish desk that is also functional for everyday use.

Carolina CreekHouse OfficeFlats

We must start off with our very own Carolina CreekHouse Keyboard and Desk Pads. These two items are amazing at creating a design focal point as well as an area on your desk for your keyboard, laptop, and/or mouse. These pads are wonderful for your mouse and allows it to glide and smoothly across the desk. This is the best item to start with because it will take up a good portion of the desk. There are also various designs available, with more being added throughout the year, so anyone can find something that reflect their work mentality or matched their color scheme. Your Desk or Keyboard Pad can be the design inspiration for your color scheme. You could also get the matching Chair Mat that comes in certain designs to keep a wholistic approach to your office.


            We love Target, and they have some affordable choices when it comes to organizing spaces, especially desks. They now offer Home Office ideas, so if you need help in figuring out how to fully transform your office, this is the perfect place to start. They cater to so many design styles and feels, you just can’t go wrong. In addition to office space, they have top products for desk organization. They offer amazing products that can create great structure and spaces to be filled by everyday essentials.

Design Works Inc

            Shopping on Design Works Inc’s website is such a breeze. It is so easy to find well-designed supplies that are high quality and so fun to look at. They make it so easy to find items to fit your color scheme. We personally love their pencils and stationary items, but they also have items for anywhere in your home. Their Weekly Desk Planner looks amazing on any desk, while keeping you organized for your weekly tasks. Shop their desk collection now!

Sugar Paper

            Sugar Paper, like Design Works, has very high-quality products that are functional and stylish. Every piece they create has great attention to detail. Their items follow neutral color schemes that will go well with any desk. You can also organize your whole life with beautiful planners and stationery. Shop their essentials here.

Mochi Things

            Our final place we love to shop at is Mochi Things. Here we find all our favorite office décor items that are a little more unique than what we find at Target. They have adorable signs and gadgets that can help make your space more personalized to you. We love their Felt Shape Mini Board Sets because they add something special to your walls, while also being practical with the ability to add notes or pictures.

Jennifer Kiser