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Tired of dog messes ruining your floors and the constant cleaning? PetFlats are your solution to add a stylish piece to your home while also protecting your floors. Our wipeable, waterproof, and easy to clean mats are just what your floors need.

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Cute & just what I needed

Sally W.

I have an impossibly small gap between the bottom of my door & the floor and everything I tried got caught on the door until I bought this floor flat. Now people aren’t stepping on my antique floors with their wet feet but this cute flat that declares my love for this breed. So glad I got it!


Kitty Approved

Gwendalyn B.

I love this pet matt! The kitties bowls stay in place. My three fur babies loved it as soon as I put it on the floor.


Labrador Pet Mats

Sarah T.

We have both yellow & black labs, so we bought one for each of their food bowls. They are super cute in our laundry room.