We love going home at the end of the day and spending time with our families. We get to be ourselves, relax and enjoy our downtime. When it comes to keeping our homes clean and clutter free that feels less relaxing and more like work.

We want you to love your space and love cleaning it - or at least like cleaning it! It's time to refresh, renew and restore through cleaning with these simple tips.

April 04, 2022 — Jennifer Kiser

A little prep will go a long way into starting and completing your cleaning with the least amount of swearing!

the experience:

You can change how good or bad this time is just by adjusting for a better experience.

the big plan:

How's it going down?

room by room
task by task
the details plan:

Set small goals for the time you have available so you can get it done without feeling like you failed to complete your mission.

a little here and there:

Block out a few hours each day and assign tasks based on time to complete

Our Favorite Cleaning Products

cleaning accessories

Cleaning Caddy (to keep everything in one place)

Power Brush Set (to save time and energy)

Microfiber Cloths

Glass Spray Bottles (to minimize single-use plastics)

Rubber Gloves (to protect hands)

cleaning supplies

Mrs. Myers Cleaning Concentrate

The Grove Collaborative (great resource for plastic free products)

Clorox Multi-Surface Spray

Febreze (to neutralize and refresh spaces)