Back To School Organizing

Hey friends! We’re back again this month to give you some organization tips and product ideas this back-to-school season. But first, let’s introduce ourselves if you’re just catching up on the blog. We are a small interior design studio based in Milton called Costner Studio. Our passion is helping others love where they live and making your dream space a reality.

Back to school may be a bummer for the kiddos but we love it because it’s a great time to get organized! This a chance for a clean slate so you and your kids can be productive. We’re all about form AND function, so here are a few tips and products to get you started.

Organizing can be overwhelming if you try to do it all at once. I like to start by analyzing my days and my habits. Ideally, you want to make your life easier and it helps to keep like items with other similar items. Start small and break things down into categories.

For example, if you want to organize your kids' stuff, choose one area like the art supplies you want to focus on and go through it. Then move on to your playroom the next day. It will save you time and stress and it will become part of your routine to do something every day that keeps your home in order. You’ll feel good and your space will be way more functional. Most of the time we want it all done at once, but in reality that could take days to do, and who has time for that?

Let’s discuss our must-haves for an organized and efficient home for back-to-school days!


FloorFlats first! They are a lifesaver for us especially when the little ones run around and bring dirt and mess from their after-school activities in the home. Even the TableFlats have come in handy for snack time, making cleanup simple. In our homes, we also love using the FloorFlats under the dog bowls.

Another must-have? Containers and bonus points if they’re clear. Organizing can sometimes be overwhelming, but once you have a system in place, your life becomes more functional. Having containers not only forces you to keep things neat but also easy to locate things.

And then with those clear containers come labels! Who doesn’t love a good label? Labels just make things more efficient and are great reminders! If you have important paperwork or homework, add a label to a clear container dedicated to a specific category! For kids who can’t read, we love the idea of including a picture of the containers contents so they can easily help with clean up!

With it being back to school, you also want to have a fun creative space for your kids to go to when they get home. We love this FloorFlat for a playroom! It’s durable and wipeable, so there’s no need to stress if any mess happens. Here you can add a table with chairs and make this their dedicated space to enjoy!

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