Halloween Do's and Don'ts

Decorate your doorstep with an easy-to-clean, Halloween Flat from us! Add a few pumpkins, skeletons, spider webs and voila Halloween magic! Take the stress out of your all hallows eve with some of these tips on candy do's and don'ts and the top rated candy to hand out.


- Don’t re-use leftover candy from last year. Nobody wants to be the origin of a tummy ache outbreak due to expired or old candy. Adding Halloween candy to your list for your next grocery store run or Amazon order is easy-peasy.

- Don’t offer homemade treats. Usually parents are very wary of any treats that aren’t individually wrapped and made in a regulated facility. Save the homemade goodies for close friends and family so your handiwork doesn’t go to waste in the trash!

- Don’t allow a free-for-all. If your candy supply is limited, it’s okay to let your trick-or-treaters know up front the maximum number of pieces you’d like them to take.


- Do carry allergy-friendly options. Peanut and gluten allergies are incredibly common - and while parents and kids should themselves be on the lookout, it’s always nice to offer alternatives if you can. Consider making all of your candy allergen safe OR having a second bowl of candy labeled that it’s an option for those who need it. Find a great resource for allergy-friendly treats HERE.

- Do opt for a non-candy option. Temporary tattoos, mini play dough, and crayon packs are all simple and easy ways to add some fun to the candy haul mix! Check the dollar section and party favor section of your favorite stores and see what kind of creative alternatives you can find.

- Do decorate your doorstep! Enjoying a festive environment is a treat in and of itself! Whether it’s your own hand-carved pumpkin, a massive collection of spooky decorations, a super cute candy tray from AR Workshop, or a simple and stylish Halloween FloorFlat … rocking some holiday flair at your front door is a wonderful way to make trick-or-treating more fun for everyone.

Jennifer Newton