How To Choose The Best Rug Size

It’s Costner Studio and we’re back again this month to show you how to choose the best rug size for your space. But first, let us introduce ourselves if you’re just catching up on the blog. We are a small interior design studio based in Milton, GA. Our passion is helping others love where they live and making your dream space a reality. We offer e-design packages, so if you’re interested in one of our design services or want to chat check out our website HERE!

Today, we are diving into how to find the perfect rug size for your space. It’s a really tricky First, let’s start with your standard rug dimensions!

Standard Rug Dimensions

Once you know the standard rug sizes, you then determine the room your rug is going in. We usually start with measuring the entire room and then, using the tape measurer, measure out the size of rug that fits best.

The key? Bigger is better. A small rug in a room can break the entire design. Depending on the size you can either decide to place all your furniture on the rug or only have the front feet on the rug. Whatever you do, especially in a family room or bedroom, make sure that the furniture is not floating around the perimeter with nothing touching the rug!

For a bedroom, have the rug start in front of your bedside tables, so only a portion of the bed is on the rug, and you can see more of it! When using a rug under a dining table, it's best to have 24" from the edge of the table to the rug to avoid the chair from catching on the edge of the rug. Check out this guide below to give you a better idea!

The nice thing about FloorFlats is that they don’t have to have a rug pad and of course they are super easy to clean. However, for any other rug, we highly recommend a rug pad. It's a must! They help keep the rug in place and make a thin rug more comfortable underfoot. 

Now you’re all set to select the rug size for your space knowing it will fit perfectly!