We love our product! Our team has a variety of favorite styles that we each have in use in our own homes. 
Now, you might wonder why these styles are staff favorites. It's because each style at Carolina Creekhouse is carefully crafted with premium vinyl, ensuring durability and easy maintenance. The wipeable feature makes them practical for busy households, especially those with kids or pets. Additionally, the variety of styles allows our team to express their individual personalities and design preferences, making these mats not just functional but a personal statement in their homes.
If you're considering a vinyl mat that's not only stylish but also easy to clean and maintain, these staff favorites at Carolina Creekhouse are excellent choices to explore.
Who's Loving What Right Now?
Shannon - Mallory Storm
Jenn - Audrey Denim - I have it in 3 places
The Other Jenn - The New Connie in Blue
Mallory, Audrey and ConnieMichelle - Sarah Taupe because its so warm and inviting.
Julie - Kelly Red because it's bright and fun! 
Sarah and Kelly
Jennifer Newton