Carolina Creekhouse FloorFlats For You & Your Family

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Happy fall, y’all! We’re back and excited to talk about our favorite time of year. We’re Costner Studio, a small interior design studio based in Milton, Georgia. We love helping you love where you live. We offer both full-service and e-design packages so check us out here!

 Where we are in Georgia, it’s slowly starting to feel like fall. We have an amazing fall day and then a very hot day the next. BUT if Starbucks can release their pumpkin spice latte, we can say it's officially fall. One of our favorite seasons, especially when it comes to your home!

Decorating for fall can be so much more than adding pumpkins to your porch, we really use this time of year as an opportunity to make the insides of our homes more cozy going into the holiday season and winter.

Our favorite additions this time of year? Warm colors, amazing candles, a fun dining table, natural textures, and moody decor. It’s so easy to make a few changes that make a big impact without breaking the bank.

We always like to start from the bottom so there’s no better way than starting by changing out your FloorFlats! Our favorites right now are the Pawley FloorFlat and the Mallory FloorFlat. Incorporate these anywhere and you’ll instantly update your space for fall.

Now to the decor! A few little items go a long way and instantly help to transform your home into a cozy sanctuary. Start by adding in some pumpkins like these cute woven ones in the entryway. Finish with a candle so you can greet your guests with smells of fall.

Moving into the family room, a boucle throw pillow and a cozy blanket or two draped on the sofa or chairs instantly will update your space for the season. Plus, who doesn’t want to grab a blanket when they’re watching TV when it’s cold out?

For the dining table, woven chargers and a moody ceramic vase will set the tone. Add in a tablecloth and you’ll be all set to have a Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving feast come November!