Here are some creative and festive gift wrapping ideas that you can try:

We recommend starting with white or kraft as your base wrapping paper. Then you can add plaids or patterns into secondary gifts! 

  1. Nature-inspired: Use twigs, pinecones, or dried flowers to embellish plain wrapping paper. Tie it all together with a rustic twine or natural ribbon.
  2. Personalized touch: Print out personalized messages or photos to attach to the gift. You can also use custom stickers or labels to add a unique touch.
  3. Fabric wrapping: Use colorful and patterned fabric pieces instead of traditional paper. You can secure the fabric with ribbons or decorative cords for a stylish look.
  4. Upcycled materials: Use old maps, newspapers, or even brown paper bags for a rustic, eco-friendly wrapping option. Add a pop of color with some vibrant ribbons or twine.
  5. Monochrome elegance: Stick to a monochrome theme with black and white wrapping paper, combined with black or white ribbons and elegant gift tags for a sophisticated and minimalist look.
  6. Hand-painted designs: Get creative and hand-paint the wrapping paper with simple patterns or festive designs. Use acrylic or watercolor paints for a unique and artistic touch.
  7. Floral accents: Attach small bouquets of dried or fresh flowers to the gift wrap. You can also use floral-patterned paper or fabric for a charming and whimsical presentation.
  8. Vintage charm: Use old-fashioned elements like doilies, lace, or vintage buttons to add a nostalgic touch to the wrapping. Combine with pastel-colored paper for a classic and timeless look.

Remember, the presentation can often be just as exciting as the gift itself, so have fun with your creative gift wrapping!

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Jennifer Newton