If you are anything like our family, we love to play games! Here are a few of the top rated new games this season and some of our family's all time favorites! 

  1. Disney Villainous - asymmetric game play with your favorite Disney villains
  2. Sushi Go - Fast, fun and easy to learn! 
  3. Anomia - Hilarious card game race with matching, thinking and laughing.
  4. Mysterium - cooperative mystery game with ghostly intrigue. . . 
  5. The Quacks of Quedlinburg - Strategy, luck and fun potion making times! 
  6. Sagradathought provoking, creative, beautiful and easy to learn. 
  7. Pandemic - cooperative strategy game with several versions and updates.
  8. Root - charming roleplaying game!
  9. Wavelength - Party game for groups up to 40 people.

Our Family Favorites: 

  1. Boggle - make all the words in this race against time and your opponents. 
  2. Scrabble - Make more words! 
  3. Ticket to Ride - Fast paced, strategy game with Trains.
  4. Labyrinth - strategy game with some skill and even more luck. 
  5. Clue - Classic or one of the many versions created since, they are all so mysteriously good. 
  6. Azul - beautiful, dynamic strategy game that is fun every time. 
  7. Yahtzee - Let's go Yahtzee! Roll the dice and see what you get. 
  8. Uno - Reverse, skip, collect 4, and be wild with a traditional game of Uno. 
  9. Potions Explosion - create potions explosions in this fun marble based game.
  10. Scattergories - Pick a category, think fast and be unique to score all the points. 
  11. Rack-O - Originally from 1956 this classic is still a favorite in our house. Its easy to learn and can take fun turns. 
  12. Life - Another classic that stays on our shelf, go to college, get married, have a life. 
  13. Spot It - Fast paced card matching game. 
  14. Phase 10 - Rummy type card game with a twist, go from winning to not in just one round :) 

Have fun playing all the tried and true and new to you games this season! 

Jennifer Newton