Celebrate Friendship in February

February has a huge focus on romantic love and kids classrooms, but this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the friendships in your life! Here are some ideas we have on how to do that and some products we love to get the job done! 

Send a card - everyone loves mailbox magic. 

Check out these great heart shaped, plantable notecards for a sweet note that will continue to bring joy when it blooms. 

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Heart notecards

Dinner and/or Drinks

Is there a new restaurant you have been meaning to try or a place with great cocktails - invite your friend(s) to join you and make a night out of it! 
You can also host dinner or drinks at your place! Click on the link for tips on creating a taco bar party from This Farmgirl Cooks- easy and fun! 

Party Ideas

Send a Compliment

Everyone loves to feel special! Spend the next few days texting friends to give them a compliment or tell them why they are special to you. It's time a way for you to practice gratitude and for your friends to feel loved ❤️ Check out these ideas from Marvling Bros Ltd.!

Messages You Can Use

Plan a Galentine's movie night for all your friends

Maybe you are all at a place where Rom-Coms and snacks will be the perfect night or maybe it needs to be horror films and booze - honestly we won't judge either way. Plan a Galentine's night that works for the ladies in your life. Here are some other ideas that would be great for a girls' night in! 

Party Ideas

Send a Sweet Treat

Drop-off cookies, candy or a bottle of wine with a sweet note to show how much their friendship means to you. 

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