On International Women's Day, we celebrate the achievements and contributions of women who have made a significant impact on our lives. Today, we pay tribute to three remarkable women whose ingenuity and innovation revolutionized the way we approach household cleaning. From everyday essentials to iconic inventions, these women have left their mark on history and continue to inspire us today.

woman with coffee filter making a pourover

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Melitta Betz1. Melitta Bentz - The Coffee Filter Pioneer: In 1908, German entrepreneur Melitta Bentz changed the way we enjoy our morning cup of coffee forever. Frustrated with the bitter taste and sediment residue left by traditional brewing methods, Bentz experimented with various materials until she discovered a simple solution: a piece of blotting paper from her son's schoolbook. She punctured holes in a brass pot, lined it with the paper, and poured hot water over ground coffee beans. The result? A smooth, sediment-free cup of coffee that delighted her family and friends.

Bentz's ingenuity led to the founding of Melitta Bentz GmbH & Co. KG, a company that continues to produce coffee filters and brewing equipment to this day. Her invention not only revolutionized the coffee industry but also introduced a convenient and efficient way to enjoy freshly brewed coffee at home, inspiring countless coffee lovers worldwide.


Josephine Cochrane

2. Josephine Cochrane - The Dishwasher Innovator: In the late 19th century, Josephine Cochrane, an enterprising woman from Illinois, grew tired of the tedious task of hand-washing dishes. Determined to find a better solution, she designed and patented the first commercially successful dishwasher in 1886. Cochrane's revolutionary machine featured a rack to hold dishes, a motor to spray soapy water, and a rinse cycle to ensure sparkling clean results.

Initially marketed to hotels and restaurants, Cochrane's dishwasher quickly gained popularity for its efficiency and effectiveness. Overtime, her invention became a staple in households around the world, freeing up valuable time and labor for countless homemakers. Cochrane's legacy lives on in modern dishwashers, which continue to simplify and streamline the process of cleaning dishes for busy households everywhere.

Stephanie Kwolek

3. Stephanie Kwolek - The Inventor of Kevlar: While not directly related to household cleaning, Stephanie Kwolek's groundbreaking invention of Kevlar has had a profound impact on household safety and durability. In 1965, Kwolek, a chemist at DuPont, discovered a unique fiber with exceptional strength and heat resistance while experimenting with polymer solutions. This discovery led to the development of Kevlar, a lightweight, yet incredibly strong material used in a variety of applications, including protective gloves and cleaning equipment.

Kevlar's durability and resistance to abrasion make it an ideal material for manufacturing cleaning gloves and other household tools, ensuring the safety and protection of users during household cleaning tasks. Kwolek's pioneering work not only revolutionized the field of materials science but also indirectly contributed to improving the safety and efficiency of household cleaning products.

On this International Women's Day, we celebrate the pioneering spirit and determination or women who serve as a source of inspiration for future generations of inventors and entrepreneurs, reminding us of the power of creativity and perseverance in shaping the world around us. Not to mention, creating things that just make our lives easier! As we honor their contributions, let us continue to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women in all fields, today and every day.

Jennifer Newton