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Great DIY Place Card Ideas

Wanting to make an impact on your table this holiday season? Make your guests feel extra special with these great DIY place cards we found!

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These beautiful rosemary sprig place cards! Simple yet charming, they tie right into your winter decor! Not a fan of rosemary? Switch it out with pine!

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A really simple DIY to make Rosemary Wreath Place Cards. These go perfect with any thanksgiving or holiday table! This DIY needs only a handful of supplies to make.

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Grab your favorite holiday cookie cutters to make the cutest, personalized place cards. 

Start Rolling the Clay
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Make these beautiful name cards out of air-dried clay and dehydrated oranges. Guests will love them, and they can reuse them as holiday ornaments!

Watch How to Make

See how our crafting day in the office went!

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