Great DIY Gift Tag Ideas to Wow Everyone

Wanting to take your gift tags to the next level this year? These great DIY gift tags are super easy and will level up any gift!

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A way to make yourself stand out as an awesome gift giver is to not only give a good gift (obviously!), but to take that extra little step to make it too pretty to unwrap. So after some trial and error, we are here to share with you a how-to for our DIY Clay Merry Gift Tags!

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Whether you use them as ornaments or gift tags, these DIY craft paper ornaments are super easy to dress up any gift.

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Make these simple tags with some paper and a fun pen! We suggest writing your fraze and then cutting your shape. Add a sprig of rosemary or everygreen tree to add some greenery.

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These elegant DIY name tags will make any gift stand out! Show your crafting prowess everyone will be impressed by.

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