PetFlats Explained

PetFlats are made for all the spaces that your pets love, eat, drink, drool, lay and roam. These premium matte vinyl pet mats are wipeable and easy to clean - and they protect your floors from all the pet things!

Customizeable options are also available to make PetFlats more special with your dog or cat's name!

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Best Product Ever!
This is a life saver for drooling dogs! We put this under his food bowls and it keeps the floors dry and is super easy to clean. We also love how cute it is!
— Olivia

Floor Protection

Nothing ruins wood and other hard floors faster than water splashes and spills. Add a waterproof layer of protection with a dog mat or cat mat under your pet dishes, crate, or litter box to protect your beautiful floors from your favorite furry friends.

Easy to Clean

Wipeable, waterproof vinyl flats help reduce stress over pet messes. Water, food, dirt, and other things you can't seem to identify are easily cleaned up with mild soap and water or even just a paper towel.

Premium Matte Vinyl

The main benefits of using our Flats (wipeable & waterproof) are just the beginning. The thin profile makes them a great addition to any hard floors without a trip hazard. The material is durable enough to stand up to the craziness of daily life, and they are non-toxic pet and kid friendly.

Great for Gifts

PetFlats make great gifts for dog lovers and cat lovers alike! With over 30 breeds to choose from, along with customizable options, you can spoil your favorite pet and their parents.